Located in Geni, Lefkada, Hippocampus is an authentic Greek Restaurant serving up Mediterranean food and inventive daily specials, using locally sourced ingredients and fresh quality produce. Dining by the sea never fails to be both romantic and memorable.


As a family-run Greek restaurant, we offer a warm welcoming experience whether you are visiting us for a romantic night out, family meal or a larger party with friends we ensure that you will be well looked after by our friendly staff. We are here to offer you freshly prepared dishes with the finest local ingredients.


Hippocampus, an independent local restaurant in Geni opened in ’94 can offer you a relaxed environment with a good amount of space between the tables, the balance between professionalism and care and an outdoor dining area surrounded by the sea.


Geni, Lefkada

Two kilometres south of Nidri on the east side of the bay, Geni is a quiet, wooded corner. There is no beach, but the location is ideal for a quiet lunch or dinner in idyllic surroundings by the sea.


About Lefkada

Wilhelm Dörpfeld (26 December 1853 – 25 April 1940) was a German architect and archaeologist, a pioneer of stratigraphic excavation and precise graphical documentation of archaeological projects.


The German archaeologist, believed Lefkada to have been Homer’s Ithaca even before his excavations began, as he had recognised some locations on the island that fit Homer’s description of Odysseus’ island.


Worth visiting Wilhelm Dörpfeld’s grave (At the top Of Vlihou mountain, near St. Kiriaki’s Chapel)


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Hippocampus restaurant in Geni, Lefkada is a Greek restaurant that serves Mediterranean food with a beautiful view by the sea.


Opening Hours:

Monday: 2pm – 12am

Tuesday: 2pm – 12am

Wednesday: 2pm – 12am

Thursday: 2pm – 12am

Friday: 2pm – 12am

Saturday: 2pm – 12am

Sunday: 2pm – 12am

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